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Dr. Hermina Strungaru and her highly skilled team welcome you. 

As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Strungaru is a medical doctor and surgeon who specializes in the health of your eyes. Dr. Strungaru' s extensive training equips the ophthalmologist to provide a wide array of vision services for you, from diagnosing and treating eye disease to performing surgery. Please browse our website to learn more about our staff and services.

Our Approach to Ophthalmology

At Dr. H Strungaru & Associates, we stress empathy and communication. Our team will keep you comfortable and thoroughly explain procedures and treatment options. We welcome questions and strive to make patients feel at home. This personal care and individualized attention is why people throughout the area come to Dr. H Strungaru & Associates for all their vision health needs. We look forward to having you join our roster of satisfied patients who see the world through healthy eyes.

Due to Dr. Strungaru recent promotion at University of Alberta, Dr. Strungaru has to narrow down her practice. Our office sees only adults dealing with cataracts and glaucoma (cataract surgery, SLTs, Yag laser and Peripheral Iridotomy). 

Dr. Hermina Strungaru Unit 810, 3880 Sherwood Drive Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8H 0Z9

Phone: 780-570-3920/ Fax 780-410-1055. If you have problems contacting us by phone or by fax, please email us at [email protected]

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  • Dr. Sim Sandhu
    Sim Sandhu

    Dr. Sim Sandhu completed his Honours in Biology and minor in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, where he also captained the men's varsity hockey team. He then completed both his Doctor of Medicine and Ophthalmology training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where he had the honor of serving as Co-Chief Resident. During his training, Dr. Sandhu performed hundreds of intraocular surgeries under the direction of some of the top eye surgeons in Western Canada. He has also published numerous research articles in renowned journals, invited to conferences around the world to present his findings including the Canadian Ophthalmology Society conference and the American Academy of Ophthalmologists conference. He has been the recipient of multiple research awards including a two-time winner of the Reg Martiniuk prize for first place for his research at the University of Alberta, the Canadian Glaucoma Society best glaucoma paper award  and the Edwin Isaac Clarke Scholarship. He has been involved with a number of initiatives and projects pertaining to quality improvement throughout his residency and has taken additional courses and workshops in the area as well. He has helped describe the steps, hurdles, and recommendations for the implementation of Immediately Sequential Bilateral Cataract Surgery which was a solution to improving quality of care and surgical wait times during COVID-19. This project received national attention and endorsement. In his clinic, he can be found regularly mentoring and teaching medical students and residents and was nominated for the PARA clinical teaching award. He takes great pride in teaching the next generation of up and coming ophthalmologists.

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  • Dr.
    M Hermina Strungaru

    Dr. M Hermina Strungaru is Assiatant Professor at University of Alberta and Program Director for the Ophthalmology Department. She is an Ophthalmologist (M.D. eye physician and surgeon).  She sees adults dealing with cataracts and glaucoma (cataract surgery, SLTs, Yag laser and Peripheral Iridotomy). 

    In 2003, Dr. Strungaru graduated with a Medical Degree in the top 5 percent of her class from the oldest and most prestigious medical school in Romania, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy-Bucharest. In the summer of 2002, she came to Canada for a three-month visit and had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in a medical research laboratory at University of Alberta. Because of her research experience in Edmonton, she decided to come to Canada, and went on to earn a PhD degree in the Ocular Genetics Laboratory at University of Alberta. Her research experienced solidified her desire to pursue a career in Ophthalmology. At the end of her PhD, she was accepted into the Ophthalmology residency program at the University of Toronto, from which she graduated in 2015. 

    In 2015, Dr. Strungaru went to Philippines for a 7-day charitable mission to provide eye care and surgery for Filipinos who are financially disadvantaged.  

    Besides her work, Dr. Strungaru enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and painting. 


    2010 – 2015: University of Toronto Ophthalmology Residency Training Program, Toronto Ontario 

    2004 – 2010: PhD program, Ocular Genetics – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta 

    1997 – 2003: MD program, Faculty of Medicine, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania 

  • Terry Noble
    'As a child, I had a hard time at school. I had difficulty reading and was labeled a “slow learner.” It was only later revealed that vision problems were at the root of my difficulties. Once I saw an eye care professional and was fitted with corrective lenses, my performance in school excelled. We see these type of success stories every day at Dr. Anderson and it’s one of the many things that makes my career so rewarding!”
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