Cataract surgery options

Cataract surgery options

The cost of your cataract surgery is fully insured and covered by AHIP.

However, there are value added services or products that are optional and not AHIP covered. Your private insurance coverage may pay for this.

You will be given information about lens choice before booking your surgery to think it over and the staff will help you if you have any additional questions.

Implant options

Apsheric UV/Blue Light Blocking Lens (Alcon SN 60 IQ):

  • UV and blue light is potentially harmful to the retina, especially for the macula. This lens has a yellow tint that mimics the natural lens and filters/blocks the UV and blue light. The yellow tint does not affect the quality of your vision.
  • Patients should expect to have both eyes done with the UV blocking lenses for balance, now or in the future.

Toric Astigmatism Correcting Lens:

  • Astigmatism mainly affects the shape of the cornea, front of the eye, resulting in a curvature that is not uniformly round and thus resulting in blurred or ghosting vision. You can consider a football shape (astigmatism) vs a soccer ball shape (normal).
  • The implantable lens placed in the eye may be specially selected and rotated to correct most of this astigmatism and result in clearer vision that would normally not be corrected with a standard lens type.
  • This may also be combined with multifocal lens.

Presbyopic Multifocal Lens:

  • These lenses offer a range of vision rather than a single focus point. The distance vision is clear but the patient gains much more intermediate and near vision with this choice.
  • They may be combined with astigmatism correcting lenses also.


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