Post operative eye care instructions

  • 1. Continue your drops the afternoon of your surgery and using them for the full four weeks. Continue using any other pre-existing drop medication (eg. Glaucoma). Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your eye or instilling your drops. Always shake drops before use. Create a pocket with the lower lid to install the drops. Wait 5 minutes between drops.
  • 2. Do not rub, bump, strike or apply pressure to your eye, glasses and sunglasses may be worn for added protection. Do not bend at the waist – kneel or crouch to pick items from the floor. Do not lift anything over 10 pounds for 2 week.
  • 3. You must not shower from head to toe for 2 weeks. Do not get your eyes wet. A bath, sponge bath or hand held shower is permissible. Do not bend forward to wash your hair. Do not allow water to stream down your face, or immerse your face in water, no swimming.
  • 4. For 1 week wear an eye shield to bed. Sleep on your back or non-operated side.
  • 5. You may walk, watch T.V., read or knit, any activity that does not require heavy lifting or bending over at the waist. Simple non-strenuous household activities are permitted.
  • 6. It is normal for your vision to be blurry and seeing red for up to one week after surgery, to feel a mild ache, or scratchy feeling, you may use “Tylenol” for discomfort. In the event of any pain, swelling, increased redness, or decreased vision please call my office immediately or go to your nearest Emergency Department.
  • DO NOT DRIVE until approved by Dr. Strungaru. Do not drink alcohol, make legal decisions, or perform any task requiring coordination or judgment for 1 day after surgery.

Please call the office if you experience increased eye redness, decreased vision or painful eye; increased in floaters, flashes or black curtain defect.


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